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Spec13 Motorsports

Hayabusa Engine Swap for NA/NB Miata and Exocet

Hayabusa Engine Swap for NA/NB Miata and Exocet

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Introducing the most exciting engine swap for Miata and Exocet; the Hayabusa swap by Spec13 Motorsports. The base kit will include:

- Engine mounts

- 2 piece drive shaft with slip yoke and carrier bearing

- Billet output sprocket to driveshaft conversion

- 4-1 Equal length stainless steel headers

- Shifting actuator/cable mounting bracket

- Extended driver's side oil pass through hose

- Clutch secondary cylinder mounting bracket

- Clutch line

- Lower radiator hose

- Oil cooler block off plates.


Options Include:

  • Electric reverse (+$450) 


       - Sandwich sprocket (specify NB or NA Diff for bolt pattern)

       - Electric starter motor
       - Switch, relay, and wiring harness
       - Mounting plates and hardware


  • Manual cable actuated sequential shifter lever (+$450)
    - Sequential gear selector lever
    - 2X shifter cables and mounting bracket
    - Adjustable travel and resistance gear selector arm

  • Electronic Paddle Shifters OR
    shifter lever with ignition interrupter module (+$1700)
    With this option, you'll be able to execute lightning fast, smooth, no lift upshifts. Either a throttle blip or the clutch will be required for downshifts. 
    - Aluminum paddle shifter kit with hub mount, magnetic shifter switches, and wiring harness.
    - Electric gear selection actuator and control module
    - Ignition interrupter module and tuning interface
    - Billet aluminum gear selector arm 
  • Flat-Shifter Expert Kit (+$1700):
     Execute lighting fast, smooth up AND down shifts at any throttle position, without the clutch. A vacuum actuated solenoid blips throttle on downshifts to unload the transmission, allowing for a clutchless down shift. Upshifting still utilizes the ignition interrupter module from the option above, but with the addition of a timing retard module. Instead of the engine coming back on full power as soon as ignition is restored, it "ramps up" making shifts incredibly smooth. The ramp up occurs rapidly and is barely perceptible, but is less harsh on components such as the rear differential. The Auto-blip also allows for partial throttle clutchless upshifts, whereas the above option alone does not. This is an add-on kit. It can be added to either the electronic shifting option above OR to the manual shifting option (inquire for more details if interested).

  • Intake that clears the stock Miata hood (+$400)
    - Air filters
    - Velocity stacks
    -Intake runners


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