Our team has over 35 years of engineering and design experience in various related industries. With two licensed PEs (Professional Engineer) on staff, Spec13 Motorsports is committed to bringing you products and solutions using the most advanced technologies currently available.

Exocet Build

The Exocet is available in 3 different trim levels and has many different options to choose from, including powder coating (which we regretfully didn't opt for). It's extreme for sure, but this is the closest you'll probably get to driving a formula car on track.

Controllable Chaos

People come up to me after a track session all the time and say "that thing looks like a handful out there!" I tell them the only reason it looks that way is because of how incredibly controllable it is. I can hang it out and flick it hard into turns because it comes back immediately when you ask it to.

Visceral Experience

There's something about driving this very open car on track that gets you in the feels. Even just driving it around the block at our shop feels special.

Lap after Lap

With improved airflow to the heat exchangers and its light weight, a 'Busa swapped Miata or Exocet can stay out there longer. The engine and tires stay cooler, keeping you on track longer.

Coming soon!

The factory Hayabusa intake sits on top of the motor which means it doesn't clear the Miata hood. However, in conjunction with RC3 Engineering, we are working on an intake that will not only clear the hood, but will also provide improved flow and a better power band.

Options keep cost down

The intake will be an upcharge option, with the base kit requiring a whole be cut in the hood. With lots of different options, we're sure you'll find a kit to suit your needs.

Engine Mount and Installation Concept

The engine swap kit was designed with a focus on simplicity, ease of installation, and ease of maintenance said. Installation is as simple as bolting the engine mount cradle to the engine, drilling 4 holes in your Miata, and then bolting the engine cradle directly to the tub. Installation of the engine takes 45 minutes or less. After initial install, the engine can be removed in 25 minutes, making engine out maintenance and repairs a practical option.